Our love and affection for spaces, colors and art transformed into Hashtag Designs – a product of Fluffy Floors that deals with hand crocheted custom and stock flooring pieces.

We are inspired by our customer’s desires to achieve homes and offices that are comfortable and purely aesthetic. While at that, we strive to infuse aspects of nature, our traditional architecture and color combinations to give birth to blissful pieces of art.

Our best asset is in our ability to offer a variety of options in our products; we can customize pieces to the precise dimensions of your home/office, or find you ready-to-go designs ranging in different sizes, colors and shades based on your requirements, specifications, budget and even expected product performance.

Hashtag Designs’ products and services are perfect for both the residential & commercial spaces with an exclusive range of products that include carpets, floor mats, rugs and any other flooring pieces.


If you are the kind that wishes to re-create your personal space and are looking for a statement piece for that purpose, your simple budget-friendly solution is a warm fluffy customized carpets or mat. This is our area of expertise at Hashtag Designs.

Our product line includes:

Great rooms begin with great rugs and carpets. Always preferring something made by human hands rather than machines, layering furniture over a quality rug gives a sense of craft and permanence.
This listing comes as a combo of two similar door pieces. Clients have options of getting “welcome” inscriptions on the mat; have an abstract design or the pieces to have a patterning effect on them.
Due to the absorbent nature of our rugs, their ideal use in kitchen spaces. Undertone, neutral and more earth colors are a preferred choice when it comes to these flooring pieces.
If you're redecorating or moving into a new home, be sure to check out our excellent selection of mats in a wide range of styles designed to match any décor.
Bathroom Mats
Kitchen Runners
Mary Mbuo

My little girl loves lilac and pink…but her room has lots of pink interiors already.. can you manage to get her a gift mat that is minimalist with a dash of lilac in it? And that’s how this christened hand crocheted bedside piece was borne.

Chris Njihia

As a bachelor, this is the best investment I have made to my crib… Hosting my friends has never been this easy, this fluffy carpet serves as a super sleeping area when we get tossed in the night.

Georgina Kibii

The mats were beautifully done, color and design were according to what I had ordered them to do it. The mats are warm and very fluffy. They are easy to wash and maintain. You just wash them under running water (don’t use hard detergents while washing them). They are long lasting

Faith Nyapara

My mats were well made, detailed just as I had requested both in color scheme and design. There are days i love the white, but there are days am like i should have chosen a darker color ( Having a two year old means i Clean alot.) But the mats are so easy to clean which is a super plus

Nessie Githinji

One year since Hashtag Designs made this carpet for me with my name ‘NESSIE’ on it. It’s very clean and bright looking, gives my house a warm feeling. When I walk over this fluffy carpet I always want to dig my feet into it, enjoy the textures and the fibres, and relish in the softness that it provides. It is so great for lying around on, relaxing and stretching out. I often find myself creeping off the couch and relaxing on it simply because of the comfort that it provides. Really satisfied with this fluffy soft carpet for its good quality and beautiful look. Couldn’t be happier!