About Us

We turn ideas into works of art

In 2016, our love and affection for spaces, colors and art transformed into Hashtag Designs – a product of Fluffy Floors that deals with hand crocheted custom and stock flooring pieces.

Our Vision

To be a market leader in the provision of quality and elegant products and services in the floor covering industry.

Our Mission

Make use of our love for spaces, colors and art in designing and crafting pieces that eventually change the interior feel of our homes.

Our Values

  1. Amazing; we refuse to be boring.
  2. Pragmatic; we put your thoughts into actual practice.
  3. Creative; we think, think again, and explore to give you the best.
  4. Integrity; we do not compromise on your quality, at all costs.
  5. Customer oriented; it is all about you.
….We strive to maintain a positive working environment that reflects honesty, integrity, and fairness when dealing with our employees, our customers, our suppliers, and our competitors. We constantly hold ourselves to the ideal of excellence in all that we do and reflect that high standard in all that we encounter.

“When I walk over my fluffy carpet I always want to dig my feet into it, enjoy the textures and the fibres, and relish in the softness that it provides. It is so great for lying around on, relaxing and stretching out. I often find myself creeping off the couch and relaxing on it – simply because of the comfort that it provides. Really satisfied with this fluffy soft carpet for its good quality and beautiful look. Couldn’t be happier!”

Nessie Githinji


Manufacturing is really, really laborious. So many times, people ask me “Do you make these things from scratch? because it limits on the quantities you can take on” See, if it is your passion, then no limits are too extensive.

This one time, I wanted a mat and being this creative yet extreme perfectionist, I sort of couldn’t find what I wanted in the market. So, I decided to make one, my own; on design, colors and the particulars that I wouldn’t get in a shop.

Once I was done with it, a friend also wanted one and then someone else wanted one and then I decided that it could actually be a business. I was doing a double degree then and this was sort of answering to what I wanted to do after campus since I wasn’t so much into being employed.

By December of 2015, I still did not have a name for my business. A professor friend of mine told me it was very simple; because no one does it in large scale and since I was disrupting a market, why not create a trend, this time, one that stays for a life time… and voila! the birth of Hashtag Designs.

“I am all about seeing people happy, and if my piece can create moments where my clients can afford a smile, then I have lived my life to fulfillment”

– Molly Wandera

Our experts


The cornerstone of Hashtag Designs Kenya. This family is driven by excellence, integrity and loyalty. We value you all.
Molly Wandera
Founder/ CEO
Elijah Mukangali