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Door Mats

Molly Wandera

My vision is to have the brand being a household name, known for providing quality, unique and affordable flooring pieces. As the term “hashtag” suggests, it’s a trend toward something. The only tweak is that I would love it to be lifelong.


oor mats are essential additions to any facility. They can be placed at the entrance of the main house or in front of every door within the house. The beauty of these floor mats installation reminds your guests that they are entering a clean house or professional workplace that values visitor safety.

This listing comes as a combo of two similar door pieces each measuring 0.75m by 0.5m (contemporary door measurements). Clients have options of getting “welcome” inscriptions on the mat; have an abstract design or the pieces to have a patterning effect on them.

Benefits of using Door Mats

Safety: Door mats improve safety and help prevent avoidable litigation by reducing slip hazard and fall accident in the home.

Dirt control: It helps keeps floors clean and dry. The high traction surface eventually removes dirt, stains and water from shoes.

Beauty: They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor placement and can be used both commercially and residentially, with modern attractive colours that compliment decorations.

Bacteria Control: Door mats treated with anti-microbial agent can help keep contaminants from entering the environment.

Prevent dust: Door mats guard your establishment from dust and mud. You may not be able to control what kind of dust and mud goes in but having a mat before the door is a way to guard from the unnecessary infiltration.

Prevent floor damage:  It’s not just the people that you protect from accidents; you protect your facility as well, both enjoying longevity.

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